Recommended Books and Apps

Recommended Books

Foundational Concepts:

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Mobile Applications:

  • Daylio is a mood and activity micro-journal, which is great for seeing your progress over time and encourage you to continue to do what works.

  • Mood Meter is an app that can help with giving you more language for how you are feeling. Staring with 2 criteria (energy and pleasant/unpleasant) it helps you to refine how you are feeling and express it well to others.

  • Waking Up is a unique meditation app. It does not only guide your meditation practice, but it is a meditation training course that helps you to learn the tools and create your own discipline.

  • DBT Coach helps with tracking skill development as you use tools presented in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Clients tend to find that the more they practice DBT skills the better they are at organically incorporating them into their daily lives.