i spent years unaware
that i was running away from myself,
always seeking company or entertainment
so that i would not have to face
the dark clouds storming inside of me


for far too long i was unaware
that the only way for life to improve,
for my relationships to feel rich,
and for my mind to finally experience ease
was for me to explore and embrace
the anxious unknown that dwelled within [sic]

- from the book Clarity and connection by yung pueblo

The journey into the depths within is not one you need to take alone. While it can be frightening to find out what is in the dark, taking an experienced guide with you can help you face the unknown and trust that you can make it out, not only alive, but with the reward of a fuller and more satisfying life.

Meet Arin (they/them)

I have nearly 20 years of experience as a therapist, working with people of many different backgrounds. The most common feedback I get is that my counseling style is warm and non-clinical and that clients instantly feel like they are speaking with a friend and fellow traveler rather than a clinician. 

Analogies and metaphors are ubiquitous in my work. It is not unusual for me to make up new analogies on the spot and I often make connections back to The Office, the one of the best repositories for modern wisdom. I am always on the lookout for the next comprehensive analogy; I am happy to see if we can find that together.

Meet Cosmo (she/her)

Hello! I am therapy dog in residence. You may or may not see me in therapy, but rest assured I am always around. Most of the time I like to nap quietly, but sometimes I do get excited when I hear noises and I will be sure that you know that something is happening. I do also like participating in sessions, so hopefully you will find my presence as calming as Arin does. 

I am excited to meet you!

Online Environment

Telehealth can be a great way to do therapy, but it does have its own challenges. I have built a high-quality setup for sessions that minimizes extraneous noises and improves video quality to help enhance your ease and comfort in each session. 

As I transitioned to doing work online with clients I had seen in person, my clients told me that they appreciated doing therapy in a place where they felt comfortable rather than having to come to my comfortable space. It is impressive to me how much people have benefitted in feeling safe while having challenging discussions.