While many get much help from books and online forums, individualized care can be crucial for many people. Individual sessions provide a tailored opportunity to deal with their problems as well as the benefit of the therapist's knowledge and experience.


Active clients also get the opportunity to get support through secure messaging as a free part of their therapy. Clients can opt to check in throughout the week and get support to speed their progress.


Many people find it intimidating to think about sharing their private lives with others, group therapy offers a unique opportunity to help people overcome shame. Group provides unique opportunities not otherwise available in individual sessions.

On the Clinical Side

I am a Masters-level clinician and I am licensed in the state of Indiana as a mental health counselor (LMHC) and in the states of Kentucky and Ohio as a professional clinical counselor (LPCC). In addition I have had specialized training in conducting services online, which ensures a high quality and safe telehealth experience.

My Approach

With a number of tested and effective methods, my approach is versatile and flexible to meet each person where they are. Foundationally, my approach comes from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that teaches emotions will always be a part of your life. But emotions do not have to be a liability nor to they need to hold you back from having a full and satisfying life.

Individual Therapy:

While the majority of my clients are LGBTQIA+, my clinical skills extend beyond those particular concerns. Ultimately counseling is about working through challenges of life in the context of a safe environment. Some typical topics that I regularly address in therapy are:

Special Note:

While I do offer support sessions that may include family members or partners, I do not offer family, couples, or marriage therapy. 

Gender Counseling and Transition Services:

Gender is such a basic part of our experience as human beings and therefore fundamental to how we know ourselves, how others know us, and how we navigate our lives socially, emotionally, and relationally. Gender counseling can help you to discover more about yourself and extinguish shame that you feel about you experience of gender diversity.

Your experience of gender is unique to you and navigating both discouragement and  pressure from others about what to do and how to express yourself can be overwhelming. While it is not essential to have a counselor who shares your experiences, my own gender diverse experience can help elevate your ability to feel safe and find healing.

A Note about Referral Letters: 

Depending on your situation, we may be able to complete a referral letter in only a few sessions. These letters will be composed during a therapy session and will be made available to you once you have uploaded a photo ID to the client portal and you have paid your session fees in full.

Transgender Self-Care Group

Your existence is not a liability and you deserve to be a part of this world. The Transgender Self-Care Group is a great way to connect with others who relate to your experiences to help build community and to get helpful information about how to navigate the world . 

Discussion will be an open format using the book The Transgender Self-Care Journal as a guide to learn how to:

Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 EST

Additional meeting times will be offered 

Fees are $25 per session and will be billed using your health insurance. 

To join, please reach out to schedule an initial appointment so I can get to know you and talk to you about the group or you may email me at